Gel power measurement by compression test or Bloom value enables to quantify strength of gels, simply with a perfectly defined method, according European pharmacopeia.


After gel preparation, according to Bloom protocol, in a defined cup with 59 mm of diameter ( +/- 1mm) and 85 mm of height, realize a compression at 0.5 mm/s on 4 mm of penetration with Bloom cylinder in the center of cup. The maximum force (Fmax) is measured in grams and it correspond to gel strength. If the force to apply is at 50g, Bloom degree will be 50.


      TX-700            Bloom probe            Software


If the TX-700 is controlled by computer, the curve Strength=f(time) is drawn on the computer. Otherwise, in manual mode, the curve will be shown on the screen of the TX-700.

On this example, the values of Fmax go from 142g for gel A to 88g for gel B.

This quick and easy method allows us to differentiate precisely the consistency of jellified products such as gelatin.