The determination of elasticity, consistency and adhesion for a cream is primordial in order to obtain the optimum texture for the targeted body area.


The test is conducted at multiples location inside the cream pot in order to obtain a better sampling. During this test, 2 samples of different body cream are tested. The three-step process is conduct with an 8 mm compression step at 1 mm/s, which characterize the consistency. Next, there is a 10 sec relaxation step characterizing the elasticity. The final traction step which characterizes the adhesive power takes place at speed of 1mm/s.


     TX-700       Spherical probe 20mm     Software


Using either the computer software or the TX-700 integrated software, we are capable to determine Fmax, Fmin and the relaxation of the product via a CRT method.

In the application above, one cream has an Fmax 5 times higher than the other. Consequently, it is much more consistence. But it Fmin is only 3 times higher showing that consistency and adhesion power are not directly linked. Both products have about the same relaxation.

The TX-700 is capable to differentiate the properties of the 2 samples and gives us a quick and easy technic to link the feelings of the testers to real experimental values.