• “Baby” and “Adult” Shampoo

    Rheology of “Baby” and “Adult” Shampoo

    Cosmetic products have different rheological behaviours depending on how they were formulated and on their use. Read more
  • Actuation force of syringes

    Analysis with 4 differents syringes

    The compression test used allows us to assess the actuation force needed to push liquid outside the syringe. Thanks to the adjustable workbench, it can be used for syringes with a diameter between 0.9cm and 2.9cm in diameter. Read more
  • Hair gel texture analysis

    Measurement using a spherical probe

    Compression-relaxation-traction test also known as CRT is used to determine the elasticity, the consistency and the stickiness of soft sample. Knowing theses parameters, it becomes possible to determine the firmness, the cohesion and the threading nature of the products. Read more
  • Back extrusion of shampoo

    The disc plunger performs a compression test which extrudes the product up and around the edge of the disc. This test measures the consistency of viscous products, like shampoo. Read more
  • Firmness of deodorants

    Cylindrical probes are used to make penetration test on hard samples such as deodorant sticks. Doing this, we can determine the firmness of the stick. Read more
  • Body cream texture analysis

    The determination of elasticity, consistency and adhesion for a cream is primordial in order to obtain the optimum texture for the targeted body area. Read more
  • Actuation force of toothpaste tube

    Requiered strength to use the tube

    Determination of the actuation force is needed to ensure the correct properties of the tube and a correct formulation for the toothpaste. Read more
  • Bloom test

    Determination of gel force

    Gel power measurement by compression test or Bloom value enables to quantify strength of gels, simply with a perfectly defined method, according European pharmacopeia. Read more