The viscometer with a 7 ‘’ touch screen allows you to create and save your measurement methods, display results or curves, analyse your data, print reports, manage users and protect data.

+Speed or shear rate control.
+Programming and recording method.
+Constant, step by step or ramp methods.
+Direct curve on display.
+Direct analysis with regression.
+Direct report editing.
+Direct measure with time to stop.
+Data recording and USB transfer.
+Integrated temperature probe.
+Printer connection.
+Display of viscosity limits according to mobile
and speed.

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What's included

4 Spindles LV or 6 spindles RV.
1 Integrated temperature probe.
1 Standard stand or rack stand.

1 Touch screen stylus.
1 User manual.
1 Calibration and checking certificate.
1 Microfiber cloth.

Activity domains

  • Food Industry

  • Chemical / petroleum products

  • Chocolate

  • Cosmetics pharmaceuticals

  • Teaching

  • Car industry

  • Building materials

  • Paint / ink / coatings