RM 100 i

RM 100 i

The RM100 i is perfectly suited for so-called immersion use, installing it over a tank or on a support for a measurement in a pot. Only the measuring head is above the product, the electronic box can be installed more than 17 meters in a control cabinet with its 4-20mA output.

+ Measure on large containers.
+ Distance 2 m (up to 17m in option) between measuring head and control box.
+ 4-20 mA output for external control.

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What's included

2m cable between measuring head and box.
1 Touch screen stylus.
1 User manual.
1 Calibration and checking certificate.
1 Microfiber cloth.

Activity domains

  • Food Industry

  • Chemical / petroleum products

  • Cosmetics pharmaceuticals

  • Teaching

  • Car industry

  • Building materials

  • Paint / ink / coatings