• Checks-calibrations and Maintenance

    Guaranteed smooth running of your instruments. Planned calibration and preventive maintenance, carried out by trained technicians, are essential to guarantee your instruments run smoothly so that productivity is increased and reliable, accurate measurements are obtained. So you can benefit from our technicians’ experience, we offer : Calibration with validation certificates at our french site (assessment of your device and free quote within 48 hours), Provision of verification oils, Tests according to your conditions of use. Please, contact our local distributor in your country. Read more
  • Training

    Four values to meet your training needs LAMY RHEOLOGY understands these challenges and the ongoing support requirements of our customers. Our team brings you in-depth expertise and a comprehensive training offer targeting the following 4 key values, which are essential in every laboratory and industrial environment in the world. 01AVAILABILITY : our engineers will propose regular visits so you can optimise your products and they will help you set the perfect measurement conditions. 02PERFORMANCE : our instruments are demonstrated using your samples to help you choose the right equipment for your needs. Read more
  • Rheology Knowledge

    Dynamic viscosity : ? (eta) It is defined by the NEWTON equation: and quantify measurement of internal friction of fluid. His determination needs to apply to the fluid a Shear rate (D), and to measure the resistant Shear stress (?) to this rotation. Shear rate : D (shear rate) is the shearing which subjected by the product in the application. It is known for measurement geometries with small gap. It is not the speed of rotation of the bob (in rpm !). Either a sheared fluid, by a laminar move (dV), between two parallel plates with a surface (S) and separate by a distance dx. Read more
  • Glossary

    Adhesiveness: is the sticky power of a product. It is measured during a tension phase in texture analysis, by the negative force measured and also by the surface under the base line. ASTM: American Society of Testing Materials. American organisation in charge of creating ASTM standards. BINGHAM: model of rheological flow behaviour, characteristic of plastic products (shear-thinning with yield stress). CASSON: model of rheological flow behaviour, allows the precise determination of non-linear plastic product’s yield stress. Centipoise (cP): measuring unit of dynamic viscosity in the MKSA system... Read more