Measuring the viscosity of wall filler is often difficult: either the filler is too viscous for the instrument being used, or the geometry compounds the product during measurement.
We have introduced a simple and effective technical solution for this application.


A pot of wall filler is placed directly under the RM 100 PLUS viscometer equipped with the blade spindle MK-R4. The measuring bob’s height and centering are adjusted in the sample and the time function starts being measured at a shear rate of 2 s-1 for 30 seconds, to check that the measurement is stable and consistent.


RM 100 PLUS            MK-R4            SOFTWARE


Measurement is instantaneous and gives a viscosity of 347 Pa·s at 2 s-1. The measured torque corresponds to 8% of the RM100 PLUS’s measurement range; this leaves a large margin of working on more viscous products in the same conditions.

The spindle does not remove any product during rotation, the measurement is stable throughout the shear time.
It is therefore possible to easily measure products as complex in terms of texture as mortar, and other primers.