Interest for
  • Multiple probe fixture
    Probe for puncture on 9 sample.
  • Compression top plate fixture
    Measure frmness by uniform compression.
    Requires table Ref. 310106
  • Kieffer dough extensibility fixture
    Measure of dough elasticity and rupture.
    Requires table Ref. 310106
  • Three rings probe cutting
    Measure frmness of sample as pasta, rice, corn…
  • Spread test fixture
    Measure of the spreading capacity of creams, pastes and gels.
    Requires table Ref. 310106.
  • Noodle tensile fixture
    Measure of noodle elasticity and rupture.
  • Friction fixture
    Friction measurement
    according to ASTM D1894.
  • Dough stickiness fixture
    Measure of dough stickiness.
    Requires table Ref. 310106
  • Mohrs probe
    Cutting test with blade for meat, fsh...
  • Volodkevich fixture
    Shear cut and bite test.
    Requires table Ref. 310106.
  • Pasta fixture
    Firmness and stickiness of pasta.
    Requires table Ref. 310106.
  • Mini Ottawa fixture
    Hardness and tenderness on small samples.
    Requires table Ref. 310106
  • Fixture base table
    Universal holder for cell and sample
  • Syringes test bench
    Determination of syringes actuation force
  • Extrusion fixture
    This cell is used for forward and backward extrusion of liquid or viscous samples
    Requires table Ref.310106
  • Warner-Bratzler cell
    This fine cutting blade can be used for the analysis of products that requires cutting assessment.
    Cellule de Warner-Bratzler pour analyseur de texture TX-700
  • Wire shear cell
    Indispensable cell to measure the consistency of pad shaped products such as butter, margarine or cheese.
  • Lipstick Cantilever fixture
    Test bench used to assess the resistance of every lipstick toward rupture.
  • Compression cell for film
    Accessory used to measure strenght of film through a perforation test. Can be used with many different films.
    Requires table Ref.310106
  • Kramer cell 5 blades
    Kramer cell is primordial to determine the hardness and tenderness of disparate, soft and small samples.
    Requires table Ref.310106
  • 3 Points bend fixture
    This test bench allows the determination of breaking force, friability or springiness.
  • Tensile Fixture
    This cell coupled with the traction mode of the TX-700 is essential for determination of tensile force.